Support small trade

We will help you promote small trade smoothly.

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Small amount of trade

We will help you to create and ship INVOICE from shipper.

Leave the shipping procedure also!

If necessary, we will also ship it.

Proxy creation of required documents!

We will also create troublesome documents here!

Please leave your business to trade!
We will support your trading business from experience and experience!

Please contact us first.

Proxy creation of required documents!

INVOICE etc, We will create proxy for necessary document relation at our company.

We will take care of the troublesome procedure!

Our staff will act on behalf of translation etc and we will proxy survey from necessary negotiation of purchase of goods to necessary permission. The customer just orders and waits for the goods to arrive.

You can trade even from a small amount!

Manufacturers do not trade because they are small ... ..., such troubles are also eliminated!
T & G also supports orders from small quantities. Because we do not go through a wholesaler, we can cut costs accordingly.

T & G will support small business trade

Transportation costs and expenses can be suppressed by handling very small transactions collectively at our company. Customers who are hesitant to trade if it costs only with a small amount, please consult us first.

Own product

T & G mainly focuses on "Ladies Selan"

We are developing high-quality brand products considering beauty and health.


Q I have something I want to handle with overseas products, what should I do?
A Please choose for me. We will act on behalf of translations, etc. to proxy the necessary purchase negotiations until necessary permission.
Q I do not quite know well such as document preparation ...
A INVOICE etc. We will do all necessary document creation relationship here. There is no need to prepare by the customer.
Q I heard that there are suppliers that add extra shipping costs. I am concerned about transportation costs.
A There are also merchandisers who greatly increase the shipping fee, but we do not do that kind of thing. I think that the consignee can use it with confidence by paying the fee directly to the carrier.
Q I want a small amount of goods, but can you please?
A No problem. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

About use

T & G mainly handles trade toward small companies.
Personal customers can not use.

About request

First of allContact formPlease contact us for more information.

About payment

You can use product exchange fee payment (cash on delivery), post office and bank transfer.

About handling materials

We will handle even from a small amount. Please contact us if you have anything you would like.

About the handling of personal information

Personal information such as customer's name, address, order details and so on shall not be used for any purpose other than shipment of ordered merchandise, receipt of money management, sending of DM mail when consent is obtained, transfer without transfer to a third party , Disclosure is prohibited.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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